My Hand Painted Flower Pot People

I've decided to keep my adorable hand painted flower pot people photos here.
This gives me a place to share the Flower Pots that I've done.

If you have an idea or interest in ordering your own.
Click here...

I hope you enjoy your visit.
I am always willing to create something if you are interested.

My price for this standard size Sitting flower pot person is $47.00
Standing Pot People are $52.00
Mini Pots such as the Gingerbread man or Mini Teddy Bears are $28.00

If shipping is required, an additional charge for shipping will be added.
If there are extra "props" that are needed, it will be added to the price.
(Example: For The hunter, the riffle cost added an extra $10 to the price.)

Standard Flower Pot people have a 6" flower pots for their head and body.
This does not mean they will be 12" tall. (that measurement is across the pot, not the height)

These pots sit about 10.5" tall from base to top of head.

Pick your plants, and plant them some crazy hair.
I am SURE that You will love the outcome.
Also great as just a collectable, candy dish, or anything you can think of

Click on any photo to enlarge it


What do you think? I'd love to hear from you, please feel free to leave a comment below.


TJRATZ said...

I love the Lady Bug and Bumble Bee!! How much are they, please?

Lynda Nielsen said...

Thank you for your interest. The price is listed in the text at the top of the page. ��

SkyCross said...

What are the lady bug's wings made of?