January 6, 2009

Magnolia Vs Stampavie - *Week 8 Thank You Sketch*

Another fabulous challenge from "Magnolia Vs. Stampavie"
The DT cards are gorgeous (as they always are)
This weeks challenge is a Thank you Sketch, we all can always use
thank you cards. I originally was going to go with a Scandinavian style card using my new very cute little Tilda with Dala Horse,
BUT.... After trying to stamp with it I found flaws in it.
.....I was so disappointed.
Mine had extra freckles where a mouth should be, and some freckles that looked like upside down tear drops. Not to mention some spots that just wouldn't ink properly. =(
She definitely didn't look too happy, and certainly not like she was thankful! LOL
But I AM Thankful, because I am being sent a replacement!
Thank you Summer!

Anyway, enough about that!
I went with Tilda holding her cowberry muffin instead, and she is JUST ADORABLE! I ended up sticking to the colors I had originally thought I'd use with the other Tilda.
Soooo, here she is!

The glitter that I added to the scandinavian stamped images was supposed to be clear, BUT, in the picture it ended up looking a little more turquoise than I liked, but at least in real life, it's a perfect match. The Scandinavian Stamps that I used are Nordenstrom stamps. (Sorry, but I can't type the two little dots over the "O" in the "strom" part of the name.)

I am just so in love with all things Scandinavian that I probably would end up putting something like this card in a frame or something. Yes I'm THAT crazy! LOL
Okay now I've started a short story here,
so it's best I stop talking or Typing I should say. *wink*
Thanks for taking a look!
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