August 24, 2010

I am hooked on The Stamping Bazaar on my Anniversary

Good Morning,
I just had to share this card that I made for my husband yesterday.  We celebrated our 7 year anniversary, and I just couldn't resist this little cutie.  Not to mention I just KNEW my husband would get a kick out of it, simply because HIS "Terms of Endearment" are not the normal kind.  HE just LOVES to refer to me as "The Beast"

Once upon a time I used to be very hurt by it, but over the years I've learned that it's just the way he is...  Can I help it if I have broad shoulders?  LOL  He always tells people that if he were ever in a tough situation he'd send me to use brute force...  Oh well, so enough about that, Anyway...of course he's IN LOVE with this card.  I used "Shy Sammy" from The Stamping Bazaar, simply because he's such an adorable little "beast" isn't he?   Of course my husband wanted to know how I got a stamp made to look just like me.... LOL    Aint Love Grand????

Here is a close up of the front -

You might have guessed, from the fact that there is no background behind that heart, that it's an Easel card.  Or maybe you didn't even spot that, who knows.. LOL

I actually did not use any nesties, or die cutting for this card.  I did it the old fashioned way, I folded a piece of paper, and cut out a heart just randomly with scissors, and then used that as a template to trace a heart on my image.  Then I cut with a scalloped pair of scissors so that scallop was backwards.  Glued it down to red cardstock, and then proceeded to trim around the heart with the scalloped scissors the correct way.  I took a hand punch, and punched each little hole around the heart.  I did this because I wanted this card to be 100% my own effort, not have some special things to do the job for me.  Which I might add, my husband always says... "Anyone can make the cards you do if they had all the tools to do the work for them like you do"  Ohhhhhhhh if he only knew.....  But..... Once again, that's my husband for ya... LOL

Anyone one reading this must think that my husband is just a cruel and mean guy... guess what?  HE IS... ha ha ha... No, he's just got a very odd way about him.  You know the saying that says... "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all"???  Well my husband thinks that if he is ALWAYS saying something mean, he IS saying something nice.... if he said NOTHING, then he wouldn't bother to care...  Oh he is sooooo backward....  He laughs and says "ohhhhhhhh man it's so much fun to get you going"  and I always say "Yeah - HA HA - You're such a funny guy"   But I love him anyway..... 

I took a picture of the inside, for no real reason, other than to show you what I did for a place to write.  I used roses from Magnolia to decorate with, and left space to write my own personal short "sweet" message... ha ha .... if you can believe it was sweet!  LOL

He took me out to dinner, and then we walked around Best Buy, he left me standing by the laptops, and I couldn't find him....  LOL  Now isn't that sweet of him?

Oh well, ALLLLL In A Days Work!!!  =)


Crystal said...

SO SO SO SWEET Lynda!!!! What a darling image, great colors and fabby card design!

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Lynda I am so loving this card that image is wonderful I am definitely going to get me a few of these one day soon. I love your colouring of him, his fur looks so rich I love how you have created that heart, this is so beautiful.
Lorraine x

Anne said...

Cute card, Happy Anniversary to you both!

Katie said...

cute card - Butch doesn't deserve all that work!